Blown Bricks Spalling

Blown Bricks Spalling

Blown & spalling brick faces

blown mismatched bricks

Our brick coatings guarantee to stop:

* Blown brick faces

* Penetrating Damp

* Spalling mortar & brick joints

* Excessive Heat Loss

* Erosion of pointing mortar

* Discolouration



Spalling & Blown Bricks

In the picture above you can clearly see the damaged bricks as they are lighter in colour where the darker brick face has been blown off by frost to expose the orange coloured porous heart of the brick.

When bricks are new they come with a weather resistant outer face as a result of having a venner baked at high temperatures into the weather facing side of the brick and this acts like a rainscreen to protect the brick.  But, as the years pass, the debilitating effects of wind, rain, frost, strong UV rays from the sun and air pollutants all combine to erode this protective layer to the extent that water begins to penetrate into the body of the brick.

When moisture has penetrated in the body of the brick this can then freeze causing the brick to deteriorate more rapidly and can even cause “shelling”  or “spalling” of complete brick faces.  If a complete brick face is left open it will soak up vast amounts of water which will then migrate around the surrounding wall area.  Once this penetration has occurred water vapour in the home cannot escape through the walls and will be ideal conditions for black spot mould.

Visible signs of this problem are things like rebated mortar joints, powdery brick faces, blown brick faces and algae attaching itself to the wall.

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Stopping Bricks Blowing or Spalling

Clearly prevention is better than cure so it is always a good idea to regularly check your bricks and pointing each year with a quick visual inspection and then address issues as they arise before any real damage is done.

A good time is early Spring when we first start venturing into the garden and the winds, rain and frosts of winter have gone and we can see if any damge has occurred.

Wethertex use a clear coat product to protect bricks and stone from rain ingress which prevents spalling in frosty weather and can also repoint where necessary and even chop out and replace any bricks too badly blown to save.

In extreme cases when too many bricks have spalled or the mismatch in the type of brick is too pronounced it is better to use our maintenance free wall coating to both hide the mismatch and protect the brick faces from any further weather damage.


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