Looking For A Breathable Wall Coating?

Looking For A Breathable Wall Coating?

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Crucial to every home, regardless of the construction material, is the ability of the house to breathe and to stay dry and damp free.

exterior wall coatings londonWe live in the Northern Hemisphere and  have a high humidity climate of around 65% to 90% evidenced by how stuffy and sticky we get if we have a few days of reasonably hot weather or how wet and moist the air feels in winter.

The design of our homes ensures this invisible moisture vapour can pass through the structure to the outside where it belongs because the materials used to build the house are

vapour permeable

. Over time however the outside of our homes begins to show the effects of our varied climate and remedial action is called for to protect the exterior walls. This is when problems first start if an inappropriate cladding or coating is applied to act as a protective weather barrier.


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Stop Damp Problems

When an unsuitable sealant such as a

waterproof coating,

paint or spray coating is applied to the walls this natural passage of moisture can become blocked or severely restricted.The walls can no longer breathe at a fat enough rate to expel the moisture vapour before it condenses to liquid within the walls ie interstitial damp or sweating.

poor breathabilityConsequences will be visible signs of damp on the walls such as peeling and bubbling paint as shown in the photo opposite of damp trapped in a wall. In solid walls the timber floor and roof joists that are embedded in the wall itself will also become wet and start to decay.

When a property is relatively young there is no reason to cover  and protect the walls but after say 50 years  continuous weathering by the harsh UK climate the exterior can become unacceptably porous and in need of some remedial treatment. It is at this point that the home-owner needs to ensure only a tested and approved quality coating is applied to the wall and that the chosen material is microporous ie able to allow internal moisture vapour to escape.

Microporous Wall Coverings

breathable coatingsThe better wall coatings are indeed microporous and this also means they are able to repel water from entering at the same time as allowing moisture to escape. In this sense they mimic human skin which allows moisture – ie sweat – to come out but stops water entering our bodies when we have a bath or go for a swim.

Wethetex offer a range of coloured or clear coating systems and the one common factor is that all of them are certified as being microporous by the prestigious government-funded British Board of Agrement.

In fact Wethertex has a breathability factor almost 300% better than a leading UK spray coat. With our best price guarantee Wethertex is better for your wallet as well as your house!

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