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Great News! Wethertex wall coatings, recognised throughout Europe as the finest  exterior coating money can buy, is now available to every home-owner as an external house painting option in addition to  our famous trowel applied 3 coat full render system.

Guaranteed Best Price

best price wethertex

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To celebrate the huge success of Wethertex Exterior Wall Coatings we are delighted to announce we can now guarantee to beat any like for like wall coatings quote.

We offer a

free online quotation

service and all quotes are valid for 6 months with absolutely no obligation to invest in our award winning exterior coatings.


  beat a quote wall coatings Why Pay More for Less ?

Independant Tests from the Government test laboratories -The British Board of Agrement – prove Wethertex  out- performs its “competitors ” by lasting at least 50% longer than the most common

Never Paint Again

spray paint coatings.

Plus,it is nearly 3 times more breathable so will be far more effective in stopping damp than other inferior coatings.


Cost is important but what about Quality ?

This is crucial since lower costs often mean a lower quality as is the case with other exterior texture coating systems and in particular, according to the British Board of Agrement, those knobbly spray coatings that seem to get everywhere on a windy day !

certified quality wall coatingsWethertex now offers the best of both worlds. Our render and wall coatings are independantly certified as more durable and breathable than any other UK wall coating  and are renowned for keeping your home drier, warmer and better looking.

Coupled with our Beat-A-Quote

price guarantee

you really do have the highest quality exterior wall coating at the lowest possible price.

Available in smooth, light or heavy textured finishes and NO SPRAYING !!!!


Wethertex -

Lowest Price Wall Coatings

- Guaranteed!

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