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Clear Wall Coating

Clear Wall Coating

* Stops Damp Entering Walls

* Preserves the Look of the Home

* Keeps Walls Warmer & Drier

* Stops Condensation Damp

Equally successful on stone,brick and concrete surfaces our range of

clear water proof wall coatings

, masonry and brick sealers are fully breathable. This means our clear coatings will allow any damp that was in the wall before our treatment to escape outwards and,on an on-going basis,will allow

internal moisture

to also migrate to the outside.

The above picture shows a period stone property that was suffering from

dampness in walls

caused by poor mortar joints and porous faces to the stonework. The mortar was first repointed where necessary and following the application of our clear coating the

damp in the walls

was eliminated for good whilst giving continuos protection against further water penetration and frost damage.


Preserving the Appearance & Structure

clear coat protectionFor a lot of home -owners the thought of having a rendered or painted facade is too bitter a pill to swallow as they want to keep the natural brick, stone, slate or flint that caused them to fall in love with the house in the first place. The beauty of our high tech clear

masonry sealant

is that it penetrates into the outer layer of the wall and so becomes invisible to the eye therefore  the colour and texture of the walls remains the same. What you might describe as an invisble waterproof coating !

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In a lot of cases our process actually enhances or restores the appearance as we also do lightly steam clean the wall to remove pollutant grime or any algae and if required we also repoint the mortar joints.

For complete peace of mind in a job well done we also guarantee the work for 10 Years as well as issuing an Insurance Backed Guarantee with some of our waterproofing sealants.

Insulation & Penetrating Damp Cured

condensation dampWhilst the obvious benefit of applying a clear wall coating is that by

waterproofing the walls

you are stopping  any penetrating damp there is also a less obvious thermal gain. Recent research into the effects of wet walls versus dry walls in thermal insulation performance has shown that by keeping the walls dry you also keep them warmer and can make substantial savings in reduced heating bills.

So, if you are looking to protect the walls from damp penetration , spalling brick faces or to restore your homes natural appearance by weather proofing the exterior you really should give us a call and see just how affordable our range of clear coat wall systemsactually are.


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