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Protectacoat / Firthglow/ Shieldtex Cease Trading

If you are an existing customer of either Protectacoat or Shieldtex and need additional work or a repair to an existing coating then Wethertex can carry out the work using the exact same materials and colours as used by Protectacoat and Shieldtex.

Protectacoat Guarantee – All is not lost

Unfortunately the guarantee you hold is now worthless unless you paid for the coating work using Protectacoat’s Home Improvement Loan . In this event the loan company are now responsible for any work that falls under the terms of the Protectacoat Guarantee and as the  appointed  repair company for the lender we can advise you on what steps to take next.

For those of you without the guarantee protection of a lender we can often correct any defects for a fraction of the amount of money you paid to Firthglow Protectacoat .

Protectacoat Repairs and Damage Specialists

Whether you are looking for a full re-coat , minor crack repair or a complete replacement Wethertex are here to help and will only offer genuine best advice and a fully costed free quote for any remedial work that needs doing.

We have been successfully treating and solving exterior wall problems since before Protectacoat even started in business back in the 1970′s and have literally repaired and renovated thousands of walls for private home-owners across the whole of the UK.


Simply give us a call on freephone 0500 300407 or email us via this website and we will be able to advise you on the most suitable and affordable course of action.

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