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Tyrolean Painting & Repair

Painting tyrolean

or carrying out a tyrolean repair can give a patchy and sometimes ugly finished look.The reason

repairing tyrolean

is difficult is that it has a textured cement finish on a basic sand and cement backing coat.

Trying to achieve an exact match years later to isolated blown areas will lead to a patchwork effect.

repairing tyroleanAs the  textured effect is achieved by firing cement slurry from a tyrolean gun any attempted repair inevitably leads to more slurry also hitting and sticking to surrounding areas of sound tyrolean and making these sections more prominent and noticeable.

If the blown or

cracked tyrolean

is caught early and is only a small area then a neat looking repair may be possible without looking too obvious..


Replacing Tyrolean Render

Often the best answer to

failed or blown tyrolean

is to remove it all and start from scratch.Considering the

tyrolean render

has failed already it would not seem sensible to put another layer back on the same wall and so in the vast majority of cases it is best to replace the damaged tyrolean rendering with a more robust and durable textured coating .

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Tyrolean replacement

rendering from Wethertex also has a texured finish and comes in twelve attractive colours which not only need no painting but have a uniform colour match across the whole

rendered wall

and stay clean.


Painting Tyrolean Rendering

tyrolean wall painting

Painting tyrolean rendering

every few years is essential to maintain protection against the weather. Unfortunately it can be very time consuming and expensive to achieve an even colour match and some sections of the wall will take more paint than others. This can also lead to shade variations across the wall.

If the tyrolean is still in sound condition it is more economical in the long run to let Wethertex apply our special masonry coating and eliminate regular re-painting.

Our specially formulated masonry paint is designed to resist rain water and frost attacks,allow the walls to breathe and stay clean for years to come. More importantly it will usually cost less money and comes with a guarantee as well.

Blown & Cracked Tyrolean can Cause damp Problems

tyrolean dampOnce water has got through the tyrolean into the wall it drops the wall temperature which in turn decreases the insulation ability of the wall by as much as 29% according to recent research at Portsmouth University.

On solid wall houses,

damp in tyrolean rendering

can often lead to damp patches on the inside walls from penetrating damp or condensation due to the colder walls.

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Wethertex -

Tyrolean Painting Repairs & Replacement

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Rendering One Problem Wall Only

Rendering One Problem Wall Only

Is it  ” All or Nothing ? “

When it comes to replacing or repairing an existing tyrolean or pebble dash finish a lot of home-owners are reluctant to call a wall coating specialist as they only have a problem with one wall and do not wish to pay for unnecessary work on other walls which are sound.

In reality over half the houses we work on involve only one or two walls being treated as we only ever recommend work that is necessary. In most examples of partial house redeoration or repair it is the front elevation that is of most concern to the home-owner as this is the wall they see every day and also which the rest of the neighbours and passers by notice as well.

In other cases there may be a certain elevation that has penetrating damp in one particular wall and so, in this instance,we would only treat the affected wall unless the client stated otherwise. This is most common in side gable walls especially south westerly facing walls prone to driving rain and high winds.

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” Would Only Doing One Wall Look Odd ? “

rendering a single wallSome people are concerned that by repairing and refreshing the masonry of only one wall the house may look odd or have a mismatch in colour or in the texture of the wall coating.

In such cases we can apply just the Wethertex top coat to an existing external cladding such as tyrolean render or pebbledash in the same colour or texture as the newly covered wall . This will not only give an aesthetic match but by applying a Wethertex coating to a sound existing cement render or paint finish it will give increased protection and longevity to those walls as well.

conatct wethertexOur experienced and friendly staff are only at the end of a telephone to offer any help or advice you are looking for.

We can often give you an idea of cost over the phone and if it is viable then we can arrange a free no-obligation home survey and quotation.

Alternatively if you prefer to use email then simply click below to get in touch.



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