Exterior Paint & Masonry Paints

Exterior Paint & Masonry Paints

How Good is Exterior Paint from Wethertex  ?

Wethertex masonry exterior paint is quite simply one of the most advanced weather resistant paints available anywhere in the world. Manufactured to a secret formula Wethertex exterior paint is  recognised as an extreme performance paint by the British Board of Agrement . The UK’s leading test authority conducted extensive and extreme weather testing and  awarded  Wethertex their  coveted BBA kitemark award.

What’s Different About  Wethertex Exterior Paint ?

Our CRC  external masonry paint is a styrene acrylate solution coating designed to decorate and protect concrete and other  structures from the extremes of weather in the UK. The CRC stands for Carbon Resistant Coating and reflects the non-staining character of the finish which gives long term maintenance free performance.

In layman’s terms our exterior paint is based upon the leading  resin in the world called Pliolite. This special resin has a unique ability to allow moisture from inside the home to pass through it whilst stopping water from entering the paint film on the outside. In this respect it mimics human skin and is also very flexible so cannot crack or split under thermal expansion or contraction.

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What surfaces can you use Wethertex  Paint on ?

Wethertex C.R.C.  exterior paint provides long term decoration to a wide range of masonry substrates and will effectively bridge minor imperfections in the structure up to 3mm so making it ideal for hairline cracks in dried out renders,pebble dashing or tyrolean finishes. Any larger cracks should be cement repaired and left to dry before painting.

Equally effective when used straight on to concrete, cement render or the latest polymer renders it has excellent anti-weathering qualities compared to traditional masonry paints and out performs all other specialist masonry coatings.

What’s in this masonry paint ?

For you scientists out there WETHERTEX C.R.C. exterior paint is based on a polymeric plasticised solution of styrene acrylate resin carried in a mixture of aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbon solvents with added glycol ether to enhance stability. Wethertex exterior masonry paint is self-priming and will normally need no pre-treatment on properly prepared substrates. If , however, the walls are suffering from mould or fungal attack then a power wash should be used first to remove the mould.

The colour comes from natural earth pigments which are light fastened with UV resistant titanium dioxide and there is a wide choice of available colours to suit all property styles .

How is it applied ?

WETHERTEX C.R.C.  masonry paints may be applied by trowel or roller/brush. The paint may be given a variety of textured effects by finishing with a lambs wool or foam roller or can be left as a smooth finish if preferred.

Surface Preparation

Remove surface contamination and if necessary treat the surface with sodium hypochlorite solution to kill organic growth. Thoroughly wire brush to remove treated fungus and algae and to ensure that the surface is taken back to a firm base. Old surfaces which are friable or treated with heavily chalking paint system may need the application of a single coat of Wethertex stabiliser before application of our exterior paint.

Exterior Paint Drying Times

Wethertex exterior paint  may be applied at temperatures down to below freezing or up to 40C. The moisture vapour transmission rate is such that our masonry paint may be applied to substrates containing moisture. Do not apply to surfaces that are wet with surface moisture or affected by frost.

In normal ambient temperatures Wethertex exterior paint will be touch dry in 4 to 6 hours and fully cured after 24 hours.


Ensure adequate ventilation during application and drying. If splashes enter the eyes wash with plenty of water. Remove splashes from skin with a proprietary hand cleaner, if irritation persists seek medical advice. Use and store away from heat and flame.

Keep away from and out of reach of children

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