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Wethertex GRC external render is an ultra-tough resin and glass fibre render designed to withstand extreme weather conditions year after year. It is suitable for any surface including replacing or re-covering all exterior rendering including tyroleen,pebble dash and spar dash finishes.

grc wethertex               ** Crack Resistant System

               ** Fully Breathable Protection

               ** Water Resistant Finish

               ** Adheres to Any Surface

               ** 15yr No Frills Guarantee

               ** All Year Round Application

Exterior wall rendering supplied and applied by Wethertex since 1975 is recognised throughout the UK as being the finest protective

external rendering system

you can use. When it comes to renovating walls it doesn’t get any better than Wethertex polymer rendering, so why pay more for less ?

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 External Rendering Suitable For All Wall Types

Wethertex has several award winning systems specifically designed for

rendering walls

of different construction types including:

thru colour render** Pebble Dashing Repair or Replacement
** Tyrolean Render Repair
** Cement Render Replacement

** Blown Brick faces

** Painted Brick Surfaces

** New Blockwork Construction
** Concrete & Pre-Fab Homes





wethertex all surface renderThese type of walls often need only a small amount of repair work – if any –  and the external rendering system we recommend is our renowned 3 COAT COLOURED RENDER that is trowel applied.


wall rendering

is based upon two base layers of a glass fibre and polymer resin enhanced cement and a through-coloured resin and crushed marble top coat complete the external rendering system.

The combination of the resin and the glass fibre ensures a permanent bond between different surfaces such as where brick meets blockwork.



bolt and mesh renderingWhen rendering less common timber frame or polystyrene Beko blocks the above exterior wall rendering system is supplemented with a nylon mesh re-inforcement being trowelled into the second levelling coat of

polymer render


This serves to boost the flexibility of the render and helps to absorb the extra thermal movement that is typical of these types of build and it stops cracking that would happen with a bog standard

cement wall render


Wethertex was the first

wall rendering company

to use nylon meshing in external rendering and it ensures an excellent bond with no rust bleed as well.


failed renderingIf  existing  external wall rendering such as


or  cement render is unsound and can be removed harmlessly we  use the 3 coat external rendering system above ie a repair coat,a levelling coat and the decorative weather proof coat.

However, if most of the render or coating is firmly bonded to the wall we repair the loose and leave on the sound

pebble dash

or tyroleen.

We do however embed a nylon mesh into the levelling coat and then we drill and nylon bolt and pin the existing  external render back to the underlying surface.This ensures the currently sound pebbledash etc will always remain adhered to the wall and also by puncturing the coating we allow any trapped moisture to escape.

This also allows us to include the existing outside

house rendering

in our unique guarantee and gives peace of mind to the home -owner that we always do what is best for the wall regardless of the current condition of the wall.


crack resistant external rendering

system literally anchors the new and old renders permanently to the underlying wall. It is the only correct way to render over existing sound pebble dash etc and guarantees all the render stays on the wall.

Most importantly it stops solid rendering from having to be ripped from the underlying bricks which often results in extreme and unnecessary damage to the wall surface.


WETHERTEX ™   –  better for the experience

Exerior Wall Rendering Specialists since 1975

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