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Smarter Homes Ltd is our specialist external wall insulation partner dedicated to providing the UK’s best value for money insulated rendering for solid wall homes.Suitable for any type of home without a wall cavity, our external insulation systems are backed with a no quibble 25 year guarantee and are also available for solid wall homes under the Green Deal Grant Scheme.

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retro fitting external insulationBy affixing a layer of external thermal cladding to the exterior walls before rendering  you benefit from:

              * Lower Heating Bills

              * No Condensation Damp

              * Grant Subsidy For Everyone

              * Increase in House Value

If your home has solid wall 9 inch walls and you are looking for external wall insulation, or if you are thinking of having the outside walls rendered (or re-rendered if the current render needs replacing),  it is the perfect chance to upgrade the thermal efficiency of the walls with a subsidised Wethertex external solid wall insulation system.

Free External Wall Insulation Grant

thermally upgraded wallsThe  insulated rendering systems we use qualify for Grant Aid regardless of income and under the  Green Deal,there may even be no upfront cost whatsoever for the home-owner or landlord who installs solid external wall insulation to their property.

By retro-fitting external wall insulation during other renovation works you make considerable cost savings.With the Grant subsidy and low VAT rate the extra insulation costs are usually recouped in under 5 years on energy savings alone due to the improved U values.

According to the independent Energy Saving Trust a typical UK 3 bed solid wall semi would see heating bill reductions of around 40% per year. At current gas/oil prices that would equal around £500 per year extra spending money in your family’s budget.

Which Homes are Suitable ?


* Solid Single Skin Brick or Block * Cavity Walls Too Narrow to Inject

* Steel framed or Concrete Non-traditional Build  * Timber Framed Hollow Walls

Virtually every type and style of home can have some form of

exterior wall insulation system

fitted. However,if your home is a modern cavity wall construction you would be better advised to have the cavities injected and then a standard Wethertex render applied.

Please call 03300 889 552 with any question you may have about insulating your walls.

Or, if you want some more detailed information before contacting us then please see our section on the Green Deal or alternatively, visit our specialist external wall insulation site www.externalinsulation.co.uk





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