Green Deal ECO Grants

A major part of the Green Deal financing mechanism is called the Energy Company Obligation (ECO),available to both home-owners and tenants.

It was a statutory obligation that forces the UK’s energy companies to provide free home-owner ECO grants to subsidise the costs of  external wall insulation as a way of cutting carbon emissions.

The Green Deal ECO was specifically aimed at solid wall insulation with free grants of up to 50% of the costs and was a great financial boost to anyone considering Wethertex external wall insulation.

In Spring 2014 grants towards the costs of solid wall insulation were suspended and replaced by a government cash back scheme, click here for details

However, in September 2014 ECO grants were re-introduced at a very low level in terms of the availability and the level of financial support offered. Current grants for a 3 bed semi are around £900 set against a cost of £10,000.

Qualifying For An ECO Grant

eco grants wethertexEveryone with a solid wall home or one with narrow cavities automatically qualified for a free ECO grant regardless of the size of income or property. These started in April 2013.

Even better news is that if you could also be eligible for extra ECO grant funding towards the costs of a new boiler and loft insulation as long as you have those solid walls insulated!

The grants varied with house type and size and were paid directly to the contractor installing the wall insulation. The difference between the grant and the full cost can be partly repaid on a pay-as-you-save basis from savings on your heating bills if you do not wish to use your own capital.

 How To Get an ECO Grant

The ECO grants were available for solid wall houses and for walls with cavities too narrow to inject. They were also available for non-standard construction types such as no fines concrete and pre-fab homes.

Another customer happy with the free grants:

If you live in such a property then in the first instance you need to order a Green Deal Assessment of your home as this produces a report detailing the amount of grant you are eligible for. This is lodged on a central database so Energy Companies can release the grant to the contractor once the work has been completed.

Wethertex partners have been able to access the grants for you since the scheme launched in April 2013. Plus of course we are qualified to arrange your wall insulation as well!



Please see the DECC Code of Practice for the requirements of those companies acting as Green Deal Installers,Assessors & Providers


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