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Exterior Coatings For Mismatched Bricks & Painting Render

Exterior Wall Coatings :

** Cover Ugly Brickwork  Masonry

** Re-Paint Render & Pebble Dash

** Complete Weather Protection


exterior wall coatingsThe best way to achieve an attractive uniform finish is to cover the walls in a modern resin based  Wethertex masonry coating. Our range of exterior coatings come in varying textures and colours and can be applied directly onto dry sound brickwork.

If the bricks are in need of repair then Wethertex polymer resin render can be used as a repair coating before applying a coloured wall coating .

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brick covering

Mismatched brickwork is often a result of an extension being added on at a time when the bricks used in the original parts of the house are no longer available.

The appearance of the house can be made even worse when the old and new bricks are different sizes -metric and imperial – and so it is natural for home-owners to want a standard look across the full width of the house. Before the introduction of modern wall coatings this would have been with a cement based render causing frequent re-painting and on-going expensive maintenance.


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