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Damp in Concrete Houses

Penetrating Damp – Concrete Construction

Concrete Construction Houses

Between 1950 and 1980 many properties were built either as pre- fabricated concrete sectional buildings such as Airey or Woolaway homes, or were shuttered and poured on site to produce concrete No Fines or Dry Fines buildings. This was a quick way of building but these properties tend to be poorly insulated and are prone to penetrating damp.

Problems and causes of Damp

All concrete is porous and will hold water and while the walls are wet they will lose heat. In the case of Dry Fines and No Fines properties the cavities are filled with aggregate or crushed aggregate creating a virtually solid wall.

Penetrating damp is caused by cold water in the outer skin and warm air internally causing osmosis which draws in the water and while creating penetrating damp also acts as a heat exchanger losing heat to the outside. Once the wall temperature drops then thermo dynamics state the moisture vapour in the air will not be able to pass through the walls as vapour but will condense into a liquid. These are the damp mould and wet patches often seen in concrete constructions once they are over 30 years old.

The remedy for Airey/Woolaway/No Fines

Wethertex  has a range of external rendering and wall coating systems that are especially designed to protect concrete construction homes . Our unique coatings and renders are flexible and micro porous enough to let concrete breathe and stay dry.

Water/Rain cannot pass through to the concrete structure but any water vapour trapped in the concrete structure will pass through to the outside allowing the walls to breathe and therefore to dry out.

In addition to our long established weather beating systems we have now incorporated our award winning renders and wall coatings into an external wall insulation system to cut heat loss and slash heating bills as well.

So no more penetrating damp .

Damp Free Concrete Homes – Guaranteed

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