Textured Wall Coatings

Textured Wall Coatings

Nearly 4 decades ago the first,most advanced textured coatings ever to be manufactured in Britain was born. It’s name?…Wethertex™.

Since those pioneering days the idea behind our products has been copied repeatedly but still we remain the NUMBER ONE for Textured Coatings.

Our  state of the art manufacturing plant & insistence on using only the finest ingredients is why Wethertex is the industry Gold Standard.

Benefits of Textured Wall Coatings

 ** No repeat decoration bills every 4 years or so
 ** Keeps walls Dry & Warmer
**  Transforms outside appearance
 ** Stops Penetrating Damp in Walls
 ** Maintenance Free
 ** Guarantee gives peace of mind
 ** Covers mismatched bricks
 ** Fills and repairs small  hairline cracks in render
 ** Prolongs life of pebble dash or renders it is applied to

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Initial Costs v Lifetime Value

textured coatings by wethertexYour initial investment in external textured coatings may be slightly greater than that of simply painting your home with a masonry paint,but when you use Wethertex™

textured wall coatings

you can be safe in the knowledge that it is a one off cost and will last 4 to 5 times longer than a typical house paint.

As our textured coatings have been exhaustively tested and awarded the prestigious British Board of Agrement as long ago as 1995 you can rest assured,in this uncertain world,that our range of coatings protects your wallet as much as your home and thousands of happy home-owners can testify to that.

Textured Coatings Quotes

For a textured coatings  quote simply CAll  or EMAIL us and we will gladly explore your options with you and recommend the most suitable textured coatings for your individual circumstances before arranging a free home survey quotation.

Alternatively – and becoming increasingly popular- is for us to try and give you a textured coatings budget figure at first if you let us know what the total area of work required is, or if you can send digital photos . This can be especially useful if you are busy or travel around with your job and prefer to use email in the early stages.

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