Waterproof Wall Coating & Render

Waterproof Wall Coating & Render

Water resistant exterior coating keeping walls dry & warm

Waterproof Coatings

Waterproofing the outside walls of your property couldn’t be easier with the Wethertex range of affordable waterproof wall coatings. Available in  smooth, and textured or clear coatings our water proof wall coatings are applied by our highly skilled installation teams and will transform your home and your penetrating damp problems will be a thing of the past.

Waterproofing Your External Walls Is Easy With Wethertex

We truly believe Wethertex offer the best value for money external waterproof coatings in the UK. Hand trowel or spray applied by our highly skilled installation teams, we take pride in our work and only offer quality solutions that are not only made to stand up to the extremes of weather we have in the UK but are guaranteed by ourselves to do exactly that.

How do I get a free quotation from Wethertex ?

Call us now on 0500 300407 

All our water proof wall coatings quotes are completely free of charge and without any obligation .  All we ask is for about an hour of your time to enable us to discuss your needs and to have time to measure up and work out your investment.  We will then leave you with your own 12 month  fixed price for waterproof coatings.

*We do not employ pushy salesmen and believe the quality of our products and installations speak for themselves*


How will I know which waterproof coating is the best for me?

Whilst many waterproofing companies claim to have the best product or best offer, there are very few that can boast the wealth of experience that Wethertex have. Combining this experience with an unbeatable product range has led to our market leading reputation for fairness and sound advice in the field of specialist waterproofing coatings, paints and renders.

Furthermore, if we believe you have a problem that cannot be cured by one of our water proof coatings, eg rising damp, then we will tell you straight and recommend a different course of action. We will not carry out any work for which we cannot issue a written guarantee .

Is the Wethertex Range of  Exterior Waterproof Coatings  Suitable For Any Surface ?

YES . Our range of exterior waterproof masonry coatings can be applied to most  surfaces including breeze block, brick,stone,concrete, painted surfaces, cement rendered surfaces and even roof tiles, driveways and patios !  It can also be used to cover unsightly areas and remember we can send one of our highly skilled surveyors to assess your property free of charge.

Waterproof wall  coatings solve other common masonry problems

Wethertex waterproof coatings , both coloured trowel applied or clear spray applied can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. If you have a problem wall please visit our wall symptoms page – we can provide an exterior waterproof coating that will not only cure your problem walls but will also improve your homes appearance, heat retention and value.


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