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Fully Recyclable Packaging

In 2016, the UK recycled 71.4% of all packaging waste according to Defra Statistics, exceeding the EU target for the UK of 60%.

Here at Wethertex, we strive to do our best to negate our negative impact on the planet and we do this through our packaging. Our waterproof bags are fully recyclable and can be recycled easily through many waste recycling schemes. Our plastic tubs are also fully recyclable!

Local Supply

All products are manufactured and distributed from our Head Office in North Yorkshire, which means that they won’t be subject to tariffs or extra costs in the future.

At Wethertex over 90% of our raw materials are sourced locally, meaning our carbon footprint is smaller and we don’t incur hefty logistical costs, whilst supporting UK businesses.

Low Maintenance Systems

Our products require very little maintenance!

The colour will stay strong and consistent for years, without needing to be touched up or repainted. This means fewer resources will be expended in the restoration of our coatings and paints.