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Optilife Silicone Technology: Benefits in Masonry Paints

- 3 May 2019 -

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What does using Optilife silicone technology mean for Wethertex® masonry paints?

Using silicone technology means that our masonry paints can reap the benefits of the properties of silicone, which are great for protecting against UK weather conditions. Silicone gives masonry paints water repellent and vapour permeable properties, which work great against wind and rain.


Why is water repellency useful in masonry paints? 

Water repellency is extremely useful in a masonry paint, as it protects the outside of a building from the environment. Rain, sleet, hail and snow all subject a building to water penetration. Water penetration can cause damp and mould to appear if the rain gets into the walls. Buildings protected by a water repellent coatings are protected against mould and damp because, instead of penetrating into the walls, the water forms droplets on the surface of the coating and rolls off.


How does vapour permeability help?

Every building needs to breathe naturally to stay dry because moisture created within the building has to go somewhere. Vapour permeability means that any moisture produced within the walls can escape through the coating which leaves the building safe and dry. If a non-vapour permeable coating is applied to the exterior of a building, moisture can become trapped within the walls because the building cannot breathe naturally. When trapped, moisture causes damp and mould in buildings.


How can a coating be water repellent and vapour permeable?

How can a coating let moisture out and not in? The answer is in the polymer. The silicone polymer creates microscopic holes to allow the tiny moisture particles from the building escape, allowing the building to breathe naturally. The rain that hits the coating is a much larger particle. These particles are too large to squeeze through the polymer, so they are repelled, keeping the walls safe and dry.


What makes the paint self-cleaning?

Because of the water repellent nature of silicone, the rain hitting the paint forms droplets which roll off the wall. These droplets take dirt particles with them as they roll away, leaving the surface clean and dirt free! Because of this, our Optilife paints range stays clean and fresh looking for longer without needing to be washed as often.