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Wethertex Performance Coatings: Pliolite® Resin

- 10 May 2019 -

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What is Pliolite® resin?

Pliolite resin is a styrene acrylic resin, which is dissolved in solvent and used in our Performance Coatings range. Pliolite resin is essential to the high level of performance delivered by our products.

Solvent-based resins differ to water-based resins in their particle size, in that solvent-based resins have a much smaller particle size. This gives them a few advantages over water-based resins and is the reason the adhesion, waterproofing and general durability of solvent-based resins is better.


Impermeable and Breathable

Pliolite resin creates a microporous film, which has tiny pores. The pores in the film of our coatings are much smaller than the pores of a masonry substrate, meaning that the wind-driven rain is blocked. Thanks to the same microporous holes that keep the rain out, the water vapour that is created inside the building, or drawn up naturally from the ground, can pass out through the film. This leaves the property nice and dry. These properties help to prevent efflorescence by preventing the water from penetrating into the masonry substrate.


Highly Adhesive

Pliolite resin particles are small enough to penetrate into the substrate, which is why our products have such good adhesion. The tiny particles penetrate into the substrate, rather than simply sitting on top, which results in a stronger bond, meaning the coating will protect the building for longer. Pliolite coatings remain anchored to all types of surfaces, even without any need for the use of a primer.


Suitable For Low Temperature Application

Our Pliolite resin products can stand up to temperatures as low as -5°c. This is because Pliolite resin is capable of forming a film at much lower temperatures than other resins, which often require the temperature to be much higher before the film will form. Pliolite resin is also resistant to freezing, making it suitable for year-round application.


Rain Resistant in 20 Minutes

Nobody can predict the weather with 100% accuracy, but with Pliolite resin the film forms quicker than with other coatings. The quick formation of the film means that in as little as 20 minutes, the coatings are rain resistant.



Pliolite resin is made up of a balance of particle sizes, and our coatings stay clean for longer thanks to this. The dirt particles picked up over the natural lifespan of the coating are washed away thanks to the erosion of microns of surface coating. This eliminates the dirt, keeping a fresh, clean look for longer.

In addition to the self-cleaning properties of Pliolite resin, it is also chemically inert, meaning that it is resistant to atmospheric pollution such as acid rain and air pollution, which build up over time.