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PP15 Fine Texture Pliolite Masonry Paint

Wethertex PP15 Fine Texture Pliolite Masonry Paint is a high quality, finely textured masonry paint formulated to boast an excellent adhesion on previously painted surfaces.

The pliolite formulation means that PP15 can be applied in temperatures as low as -5°C and is rain resistant in 20 minutes, perfect for winter! Wethertex PP15 Fine Texture Pliolite Masonry Paint provides a premium quality finish that will offer long-lasting protection for buildings.


Roller, Brush or Spray Application

Rain Resistant in 20 minutes


Apply Down to -5°C

Excellent Adhesive

Highly Water Resistant

Wethertex GRC and X71 Polymer Base Coat

Wethertex GRC Fibre-Glass Reinforced Polymer Levelling Base Coat and X71 Polymer Levelling Base Coat are fibre reinforced, high performance, cement based waterproofing base coats, designed for use on a variety of substrates. While X71 is perfect for a variety of substrates, GRC is engineered for use on mixed substrates, providing that extra strength and adhesion needed.

Pack Size: 25kg Coverage: 1.5m² per bag when applied at 10mm thick

Highly Polymer Modified

Excellent Adhesion

Water Repellent

Spray and Hand Application

GRC Technical Data Sheet GRC Safety Data Sheet X71 Technical Data Sheet X71 Safety Data Sheet

PP15 Fine Texture Pliolite Masonry Paint

Wethertex PP15 Pliolite Based Fine Texture Masonry Paint is a premium, solvent borne masonry paint that is brush, roller or spray applied. Formulated for exterior use on cement rendering, brick, roughcast, concrete and previously painted surfaces. It provides a self stabilising fine texture matt finish that has excellent adhesion to previously painted surfaces

Pack Size: 10L Coverage: 4-15m² per litre (dependent on substrate)

Apply Down to -5°C

Rain Resistant in 20 Minutes

Highly Breathable

Roller, Brush or Spray Apply

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