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- 13 April 2022 -

Front Elevation

Front Elevation – Before/After

Rear Elevation

Rear Elevation – Before/After

Bristol based Protective Wall Coatings completed this magnificent modification in just two weeks!

The tired façade lacked lustre and life. Comprising brick and stone panelling, a multi-substrate applicable product was the only answer. The Wethertex complimentary product range packed a punch on this project.

To begin, a GRC basecoat was trowel applied. This fibre glass reinforced, polymer levelling base coat is the ultimate base for mixed substrates. Applicable by hand or spray, even in low temperatures, it was a terrific choice for those tricky February conditions. A simple wet sponge float was used to achieve a flat finish.

The final stage was completed using trowel and roller application of LD77 Wall Coating in African Ivory. Durable for 15 years, its water repellent, long term protection and low maintenance properties make it a popular choice for homeowners. This teamed with the high adhesion, low temperature application and easy roller application ensure it’s an elite selection for contractors.

Having contacted Wethertex directly, the homeowner benefitted from our friendly and informative customer service and selected the LD77 Protective Wall Coating for its plethora of performance perks.

Work was carried out in just two weeks and totally transformed the property, creating a commanding position on the street and a stand out style for the homeowner.

Available in a range of 20 colours, LD77 is a commodity to your repertoire.