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Frequently Asked Questions

Wethertex Exterior Paints FAQs

The silicone content in our Exterior Paints does not hinder overcoating.

No, it is self-priming.

Generally we would recommend a primer coat (diluted paint) followed by 2 further undiluted coats.

ST1 Quick Dry Stabilising Primer is recommended to prepare the substrate.

Wethertex Performance Coatings FAQs

Yes, as long as the spray gun is capable of spraying the grain.

Use a soft bristled brush and warm, soapy water to clean it.

Our GRC slurry can be used to stabilise the substrate before using one of our coatings.

12 months from the date of manufacture.

Independent testing with a PFT G4 concluded that the for a 5-metre hose length the Mortar Pressure Gauge (MPG) needs to be no more than 5 bar. For a 10-metre hose, the MPG needs to be no more than 10 bar and for a 15-metre hose, no more than 15 bar. The water flow tube should be just under 450 gal/minute.

Wethertex X71 and PP15 are engineered to have very good alkaline resistant properties, however it is recommended that a pH test is undertaken when using SP77, as high alkalinity levels can lead to efflorescence and paint failure.

Wethertex X71 can be used to build up the depth, however it much be ensured that each build pass has dried back in order to avoid shrinkage cracks.

Wethertex PP15 should be used.

When the X71 is visually dry and free of dark ‘green’ patches.

It is recommended that the surface be evened using a slurry of GRC or X71 before the application of a PC product.