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CP80 Clad-Seal Metal & Cladding Paint

Whether it is a warehouse refurbishment or the garden shed maintenance, Clad-Seal will protect a variety of metal substrates around the home or the workplace.

Wethertex CP80 Clad-Seal Metal & Cladding Paint incorporates Optilifeā„¢ Silicone Technology to provide a product that is high performance, highly water resistant and protects against rust for up to 12 years.

CP80 Clad-Seal Metal & Paint Coating is also a self priming product, which means less hassle and less money, and the quick drying properties allow for application in less than ideal conditions.

Silicone Technology

Satin Finish

Self Priming

High Water Resistance

Rust Inhibiting Technology

Chemically Resistant

Available Colours

Brilliant White

Colour swatch of Champagne


Colour swatch of Beige


Colour swatch of Butterscotch


Colour swatch of Middle Brown

Middle Brown

Colour swatch of Willow


Colour swatch of Opaline


Colour swatch of Reseda Green

Reseda Green

Colour swatch of Olive Green

Olive Green

Colour swatch of Silver Haze

Silver Haze

Colour Swatch of Pebble Grey

Pebble Grey

Colour Swatch of Squirrel Grey

Squirrel Grey

Colour Swatch of Merlin Grey

Merlin Grey

Colour Swatch of Anthracite Grey

Anthracite Grey

Colour swatch of Pacific Blue

Pacific Blue

Colour swatch of Deep River

Deep River

Colour swatch of Bright Blue

Bright Blue

Colour swatch of Bright Red

Bright Red

Colour swatch of Bright Yellow

Bright Yellow

Colour Swatch of Black