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AP77 Flexible Smooth Masonry Paint

Wethertex AP77 Flexible Smooth Masonry Paint is a high performance, exterior quality, flexible masonry paint.

Developed using advanced Optilife silicone technology for improved breathability, AP77 provides a smooth matt finish that is both self cleaning and highly weatherproof and will protect your building for up to 20 years. Flexibility in paint means reduced cracking on buildings that suffer from a lot of movement, which is often a problem with paints that are inflexible, as the paint cracks as the building moves. Our Optilife technology provides waterproofing, resulting in a self cleaning finish due to the silicone resin in the paint, and meaning that no extra coats are needed to waterproof the building.

Silicone Technology

Highly Breathable

Algae Resistant

Algae Resistant


Matt Finish

Excellent Adhesion

Available Colours

Colour swatch of Brilliant White

Brilliant White

Colour swatch of Antique White

Antique White

Colour swatch of African Ivory

African Ivory

Colour swatch of Butter Cream

Butter Cream

Colour swatch of Travertine Stone

Travertine Stone

Colour Swatch of Sand Dune

Sand Dune

olour swatch of Old Gold

Old Gold

Colour swatch of Dusk and Dawn

Dusk & Dawn

Colour swatch of Fired Copper

Fired Copper

Colour Swatch of Earth Taupe

Earth Taupe

Colour Swatch of Mallow Rose

Mallow Rose

Colour swatch of Orchard Pink

Orchard Pink

Colour swatch of Red Sandstone

Red Sandstone

Colour swatch of Fired Earth

Fired Earth

Colour Swatch of Mountain Grey

Mountain Grey

Colour swatch of Moon Stone

Moon Stone

Colour swatch of Flint Grey

Flint Grey

Colour swatch of Mint Green

Mint Green

Colour swatch of Sea Mist

Sea Mist

Colour swatch of Blue Sky

Blue Sky