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PP77 All Weather Pliolite Masonry Paint


Wethertex PP77 All Weather Pliolite Masonry Paint is the latest addition to our Exterior Paints product range, designed with 45 years of industry knowledge and the tested in-house with our hydro-thermal testing chamber, which subjects our products to the most extreme weather conditions.

PP77 All Weather Pliolite Masonry Paint is a premium coating, formulated using Pliolite technology to provide excellent adhesion, and low temperature application. PP77 All Weather Pliolite Masonry Paint truly is all weather, suitable for application in temperatures as low as -5˚C, and rain resistant in 20 minutes, allowing for application in winter months too!

Matt Finish

Rain Resistant in 20 Minutes


Apply down to -5°C

Excellent Adhesion

Highly Water Resistant

Available Colours

Colour swatch of Brilliant White

Brilliant White

Colour swatch of Antique White

Antique White

Colour swatch of African Ivory

African Ivory

Colour swatch of Butter Cream

Butter Cream

Colour swatch of Travertine Stone

Travertine Stone

Colour Swatch of Sand Dune

Sand Dune

olour swatch of Old Gold

Old Gold

Colour swatch of Dusk and Dawn

Dusk & Dawn

Colour swatch of Fired Copper

Fired Copper

Colour Swatch of Earth Taupe

Earth Taupe

Colour Swatch of Mallow Rose

Mallow Rose

Colour swatch of Orchard Pink

Orchard Pink

Colour swatch of Red Sandstone

Red Sandstone

Colour swatch of Fired Earth

Fired Earth

Colour Swatch of Mountain Grey

Mountain Grey

Colour swatch of Moon Stone

Moon Stone

Colour swatch of Flint Grey

Flint Grey

Colour swatch of Mint Green

Mint Green

Colour swatch of Sea Mist

Sea Mist

Colour swatch of Blue Sky

Blue Sky