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MP44 Pliolite Spray Wall Coating Revives Colwyn Bay Terrace

- 20 August 2019 -

This terrace, in Colwyn Bay, needed a fresh new look after the previous coating had faded.

Never Paint Again used our Wethertex MP44 Pliolite Spray Wall Coating to ensure a long-lasting finish that will protect the property for years to come.

The terrace was in quite good condition before works started so no repairs were required. The walls were power washed in order to remove dirt, moss and any loose material before the property was primed, ready for the topcoat to be applied.


Rear view of the terraces before painting


Terrace with openings and floored masking taped and covered
Terrace completed in new colours

To ensure a long lasting and hard wearing finish the owner opted for our MP44 Pliolite Spray Wall Coating, which has been proven to last for over 40 years. A wide range of colours are available as standard so the client was able to choose individual and complimentary colours for each of the three homes giving a stunning completed design aesthetic. Thanks to Never Paint Again the properties are looking great and will continue to look good for many years to come.

Finished view of the three properties in Colwyn Bay

Our MP44 Pliolite Spray Wall Coating offers many benefits to property owners, as the weatherproof coating protects the property from wind and rain for years, whilst remaining breathable and flexible.

MP44 Pliolite Spray Wall Coating

Never Paint Again