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The Most Southerly House in the UK

- 10 April 2019 -

Nestled in Lizard Point on the southern coast of Cornwall, this quaint property faces onto the Atlantic Ocean.

Suffering from extreme wind and rain during the winter months, and warm sunny days during the summer has led to corrosion of the roughcast render of the property. The building’s roughcast finish was a mixture of different cements and aggregates of varying sizes, meaning the home was in need of a coating that could endure the coastal battering and adhere the the old, mismatched substrate.

Homeshield Coating were up for the challenge, and Wethertex GRC Base Coat Render was specified to provide the best adhesion to the difficult substrate. uPVC beading was employed to reduce the likelihood of future corrosion, and the system was finished off with Wethertex MP44 Pliolite Spray Wall Coating.

The Pliolite base meant that the coastal conditions didn’t impede the application, and ensured protection against wind-driven penetrating damp.


Long Term Protection and Low Maintenance

Suitable for Spray Application

High Adhesion

Low Temperature Application

Highly Polymer Modified

Water Repellent

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