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Trade Decorator TV’s sterling review on Wethertex AP77

- 7 December 2021 -

Watch Gary Marsh of the Trade Decorator TV review the Wethertex AP77. In his review, Gary tackles two very different projects with our Wethertex AP77 Flexible Smooth Masonry Paint. Featuring advanced Optilife™ silicone technology, the AP77 provides a whole host of benefits.

In his first project, we see Gary take on the challenge of a farm courtyard. Faced with three different substrates, the farm courtyard is exposed to a high volume of traffic due to livestock passing through, creating a large amount of dirt, his client wanted a product that was hardwearing and able to withstand the volume of high traffic. With its self-cleaning properties, the Wethertex AP77 is the ideal product to take on this busy thoroughfare, ensuring that it stays looking clean and fresh for longer without needing to be washed as often. In Gary’s second project, we see him take on a well weathered large bungalow in the countryside.

Exploring the coverage and the water repellency of the Wethertex AP77, is Gary impressed?

Watch his video to find out more and what he scored the AP77.

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