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Texacote Tackles Troublesome Pebble Dash

- 24 January 2022 -

Kicking the new year off, the team at Texacote Ltd were tasked with tackling some troublesome pebble dash that was both cracked and blown leaving not only an unsightly exterior but was allowing water penetration which was impacting upon internal walls, leaving unpleasant damp patches.

The exterior walls of this large detached home in Kidderminster were suffering from uneven repairs that had been completed over several years. To rectify this and to revive the aesthetics of this family home, the team at Texacote began by removing the existing damaged pebble dash and started the transformation by applying the Wethertex GRC Fibre Glass Reinforced Polymer Levelling Base Coat. Celebrated for its excellent workability and finishing time properties, along with its suitability to be applied in low temperatures, the GRC is the ideal product for those jobs in the winter months.

Next, the Wethertex X71 Polymer Levelling Base Coat was applied in a Tyrolean effect. Originating from the great Alpine regions of Austria, the Tyrolean decorative finish was achieved by a traditional bag rubbing method to ensure uniformity across existing surfaces. Suitable for application on Concrete, Clay, Lightweight Block, Brick, Dash and Roughcast Render, the X71 is perfect for taking on those challenging projects that consist of multiple substrates.

In preparation for the Wall Coating, the Wethertex PP1 Pre-prep Wash Coat Primer was applied. Designed with the applicator in mind, this ready mixed, flexible, through coloured penetrating primer is excellent for controlling suction.

To complete the look, Wethertex MP44 Pliolite Spray Wall Coating was applied. Featuring Pliolite® resin technology, the MP44 is ideal for winter application with its ability to withstand application in temperatures as low as -5°c and is rain resistant in 20 minutes it is the perfect product for those winter jobs. In addition to this, its self-cleaning properties ensure that minimal cleaning is required, keeping the surface looking fresher and cleaner for longer. Available in three different textures, the client opted for a medium finish in Fired Earth. A rich, auburn and reigniting colour that has revived this detached property.

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Wethertex Fired Earth
Texacote Fired Earth
Texacote Fired Earth